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Monday, August 12, 2013

SCD Homemade Yogurt Instructions

SCD Yogurt Instructions. Yogourmet: Yogurt Starter
By popular demand (or simply that my mom keeps nagging me to add this onto my blog, and every other recipe I've tried has failed so I have nothing to report for the week...), I'm including the major instructions, tips, etc. for making your own yogurt! SCD style, of course. Also, if the picture looks like it came out of an 80's magazine, I'm sorry. Our carpet is in need of some TLC. Life of a college student, right there. :D


1/2 gallon dairy product
10 grams of yogurt starter
1/2 gallon container or two quart size glass jars


Pour the dairy product into a large pot. Heat over a range until the dairy product reaches at least 180°F. Remove from heat and allow to cool back down to 100°F. Add half of the dairy product and all the yogurt starter into a container and mix thoroughly. Slowly add in the second half of the dairy while stirring continuously. Incubate between 100°F and 120°F for 24 hours. Chill and enjoy.


*I use half and half for the calorie content and the flavor. The more fat, the thicker the yogurt. But if you're watching your weight, you can get yogurt out of skim and 1% milk.
*The most precise way to measure the temperatures is with a thermometer. How I do it: Once it begins to boil, it's hot enough. You can't ruin this by boiling it, so don't worry about that. Just watch out, once it begins to boil it will quickly boil over because of the surface tension.
*The initial heating process is to denature the proteins, allowing for the thick yogurt consistency we all love. Just FYI.
*Again, the best way to cool milk is with a thermometer. But if it's around room temperature, you'll be fine. I've found if I fill the sink half full with cold water, then place the pot of hot dairy in that sink, it cools relatively quickly. I usually have to switch out the cold water half way through because it heats up with the hot pan, and I stir it occasionally, to help it cool evenly.
*The best way for me to incubate the yogurt is with a yogurt maker. Other options I've seen are putting the cultured jars in an oven and leaving the light on, or filling a cooler with hot water and switching the water out every 4-6 hours.  Just make sure it incubates for 24 hours.
*Best yogurt starter is Yogourmet. You can get it at any major culinary store or health store. Or, you can be lazy and order it online :D You can also buy 1/2 gallon jars here, and I strongly suggest you have 2, so as one starts to run low, you can start making yogurt in the other one.

For non SCD people:

*You can use a cup of plain yogurt as a starter instead of the Yogourmet. Also, you only need to incubate it for 4-6 hours rather than for 24 hours.

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